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October 13th, 2021

Dripping In Gucci

Shop upcycled china hand-finished with vinyl pop culture decals at the Tidbits Twinkle Market.

Even if it's leftovers, you're using a glass with a stem and a napkin that goes in the washer.

For your next proper place setting, consider shaking things up with irreverent dishes from 1988, one of the brands at the Tidbits Twinkle Market on Sun, Nov 7. Collecting antique china on her treasure hunts, the designer—born in 1988—adorns pieces with colorful language and images of pop culture icons. Consider granny-floral scalloped dishes adorned with Paris Hilton, Cher or Madonna, serving platters with Chanel and other logos dripping in gold, sugar bowls with "Xanax" in vinyl lettering or Billy Idol tea cups.

Pinkies up.

Shop 1988 at the Tidbits Twinkle Market on Sun, Nov 7. Choose your two-hour shopping ticket. No walk-ups.

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