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December 17th, 2010

Mom Crush::Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty

We are huge fans of your immensely popular site for brides, what made you take the leap into the living edition? 
We kept hearing that brides were sticking around on the Style Me Pretty site for months after they tied the knot - having a hard time breaking the eye candy addiction. So we decided that they deserved some fresh content that applied to their lives after the ring. It wasn't too long before we found that there was a real place for SMP style content before the ring as well - party planning, interior design advice, cool DIY projects that felt elevated and chic. And thus Living was born! 


You have three kids, how has becoming a mother changed the way you approach your business? 
Having three little kids - my oldest is 6, my youngest is 7 months - and running a very hectic business means that I have mastered the art of non-balance. Every day is an imperfect dance, oftentimes physically running from activity to meeting, but it's one that I hold closer to my heart than anything in the world. When I work, I am all in. Completely invested, using those minutes, those hours as valuably as possible. When I am with the kids, I'm totally invested. Learning to really close one part of my life before opening the next - even if it's hour to hour - has been critical to survival! In terms of style - my life and my work is much more colorful than it ever has been. 


Did you grow up in a creative family? Where did your love of all things pretty come from? 
I did! My grandfather was a well known artist and antique dealer. My mother, always crafting and creating. I heard the phrase, "I could make that!" every time we went shopping and vowed that I would never say that. I would only buy things that were shiny and new. Thank goodness that ego didn't stick for long! I find myself constantly saying that very statement to my own 6 year old…"we could make that!"


If you're having another family over for dinner, what's your favorite thing to serve? Kids can be so picky! Our family is very casual and laid back - and whatever I serve has to be adaptable. If the kids are only eating noodles that week, well, we do an elevated pasta dish for the grown-ups and something simple for the kids. If football is on, we do a great pot of chili from the big ones and burgers using the same meat for the little ones. 


Any entertaining tips to pass along to moms as we head into the holiday season? 
Take the time to go to the grocery store solely to stock your entertaining pantry. It's always good to have apple cider, hot chocolate + fixins, a cheesecake in the freezer, fresh pasta, simple sauces and a few snacks - like hard cheeses, sausages and fruit on hand so that you can pull something together quickly, easily and beautifully. 

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