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May 29th, 2017

Mother Nature's Makeover

Soak in the organic goodness from natural beauty line Oxalis Apothecary.

The last time you used a beaker was in high school science lab. 

This is why we are all the more impressed with Erin Wexstten, the flawless local beauty who created the natural line Oxalis Apothecary. Her hands-on approach to creating 100% plant-based, organic products using the best of Mother Nature's ingredients has us grateful for the research we can all benefit from. Our list of obsessions starts with her French sea clay facial cleanser, moves on to her jasmine and coconut mineral mist, and flows right into her travel-inspired getaway kit. Pick up a few essentials at a select set of local shops - the gorgeous packaging sets the line apart from the rest. 

You're sure to have great chemistry with this collection. 

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