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August 14th, 2012

Drinks Gone Art Deco

Speak easy and tell no one - San Antonio's pre-prohibition gem.


1420 South Alamo, Suite 001
San Antonio

Just the thought of a flaming Dr. Pepper shot gives you flashbacks to waking up in your BFF's front yard after your first experience on 6th Street.

Add a touch of grace to your modern-day imbibing at 1919, San Antonio's first legitimate Speakeasy nestled in the heart of Blue Star. In lieu of Kamikazes and Red Bull Vodkas, they serve classic, quality cocktails, like their stellar Pimm's Cup, made pre-prohibition style, hence the year shout-out in the name of this joint. Between the Nucky Thompson-esque rules (no unladylike behavior), the waitstaff's proper uniforms and only a red lantern to signal the entrance, this dark basement bar will make you think you're back in the time of bootlegging and gangsters, sans the moonshine. 

At least your taste in poisons has matured.

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